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A History of Vacuum Bags

Robet Blaze March 12, 2015 Clothing & Bags Comments Off on A History of Vacuum Bags

The debris acquired by the various types of vacuums and models in the marketplace must be deposited somewhere — usually in the vacuum bag.

In 1920 the atmosphere Way Sanitizer Company of Ohio introduced the initial vacuum getting a disposable bag. As much as that time, vacuum bags looked like the type of bags golfers use to carry their clubs. They were heavy and unwieldy items built of thick, stiff canvas, designed to be somewhat flexible but keep the the dust and grime within the carpets from avoiding.

The development created through the atmosphere Way Sanitizer disposable vacuum bag went a extended way towards improving the overall effectiveness in the vacuum. The bag, built of paper, should fit inside the cloth bag typically used. It not only made cleansing the vacuum simpler nevertheless it saved the insides in the stationary bag clean whatsoever occasions to make sure that a more compact quantity of the the dust and grime may be blown away from the vacuum and also at home once again.

In the beginning, each manufacturer designed a unique disposable vacuum bag built of several types of paper. The luggage were not interchangeable in a single machine to a new, since the fittings were of numerous dimensions with assorted designs for your intake opening. Producers, once dependent solely round the sales from the machines, had discovered another industry for the disposable bags and when more sales leaped.

Formerly, a housewife had her machine as well as the only factor it needed was periodic cleaning and repair. Once the guy of the house was handy, that job usually visited him. Before lengthy, repair centers focusing in vacuums were appearing everywhere.

However, every vacuum in the united states would want one or more new, disposable vacuum bag every month which represented an unpredicted windfall for your companies. It had not been until a very long time later, when the size of the atmosphere basins increased to get uniform as well as the development of the bag-less machine this lucrative aftermarket began to decelerate.

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