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6 Wonderful Tips To Make Your Toddler Enjoy Solving Puzzles

Robet Blaze June 23, 2017 Shopping Comments Off on 6 Wonderful Tips To Make Your Toddler Enjoy Solving Puzzles
6 Wonderful Tips To Make Your Toddler Enjoy Solving Puzzles

One of the best playthings for toddlers and young kids are puzzles. They are not only amusing, but also improve the eye-hand coordination and motor skills of your child. Plus, they make your toddler familiar with the concept of shapes.

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As you may know, kids learn the best while doing things in a fun way. What can be a better way to introduce your child with alphabets and various vegetables and fruits than giving her/him puzzles and letting them work their way around to put the entire thing together.

Puzzles created for young kids can teach them about motor vehicles, animals and also human body parts. As kids grow, puzzles will become more complex. For example, a geography buff can learn more about particular countries or an animal fan can see butterflies of various species coming up as a big picture from joining small pieces together.

1. Quality Time as a Family

Puzzles can also be a great way to have quality time with your kids as a family. You can become a helper initially. Later you can step back and enjoy your child’s pride and feeling of accomplishment as he is able to solve the puzzle on his own.

Puzzles bring about amiability among siblings who normally fight for playing with a toy as while solving puzzles they solve it together.

2. Choosing Puzzles for Your Child

Not all children get appealed by puzzles as quickly and intensely as others. Neither every child who gets appealed may be able to do the same puzzle together within similar time. But don’t worry. What’s more important is that the kid takes interest in it and if she doesn’t, you’ll have to make her bring back to it.

In order to keep your child’s interest in puzzles on, choose them carefully. Every kid has different likings and there are different puzzles available out there to suit their needs.

3. Choose According to Age

Most puzzles are labeled with an age to which they are suitable. As a rule, you should check the number of pieces in a puzzle. You should buy puzzles for toddlers at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop which are age appropriate. Puzzles for toddlers will normally have four to six pieces. Wooden puzzles fitting into a frame and having small pegs for comfortably handling are also available.

Or you can also choose those with not more than six to ten pieces that can build an object to which the kid is familiar, e.g. a flower or an animal.

And there are puzzles containing even 24 to 36 pieces appropriate for children of 3 years and above.

4. How Much Should You Interfere?

When the child is new to a puzzle, you can offer a slight help to figure out the puzzle. If he seems to be more discouraged than amused, offer him another puzzle which he has solved before successfully and put the new puzzle away for 1 or 2 months.

5. Keep Picture of Completed Puzzle in Front

This will help your child to compare the work he has completed and continue playing. This will also help him in understanding how to compare picture and actual work, or any two things for that matter, how they match each other, whether something is less or more in one of them, etc.

6. Cultivate a Habit of Counting the Number of Pieces

While putting away the puzzle, always count the number of pieces while your kid watches it. This will develop a habit of keeping his toys organized without losing them and also he’ll be introduced and habituated to numbers and counting.

Keep giving him toys that will challenge his brain and teach problem solving e.g. art kits for kids from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop. Follow these advices and see your toddler enjoying puzzles.

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